If you need to learn about your health, or your school or work requires information about your health, a physical exam provides a detailed report. At Summit Health Family & Urgent Care in Sachse, Texas, the compassionate team provides standard annual physicals as well as school physicals, Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals, and immigration physicals. No matter which type of physical exam you need, call the office or book your physical online today.

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What are physicals?

Physicals, or physical examinations, are appointments with your primary care provider to examine your health closely. These visits include a series of simple tests and evaluations that look at the health and function of various parts of your body. The goal of a physical is to gain a better understanding of your current health status.

During your physical at Summit Health Family & Urgent Care, the team measures your height and weight before reading your blood pressure and taking your heart and respiratory rates. They also examine your ears, nose, and throat, test your reflexes, and palpate your organs. There may be other steps depending on the type of physical you need.

Some physical exams also include lab tests to gather additional information on your health that may indicate underlying medical conditions needing treatment.

Which types of physicals are available?

Physical exams aren’t all the same. There are several different types that you may need according to your specific goals or requirements. Summit Health Family & Urgent Care can get you up to date on:

What are the benefits of getting a physical?

A physical exam tells you a lot more about your health than you can observe on your own. With a physician’s expertise, you learn about your current health status and can find ways to improve your health and wellness over time.

The findings of a physical exam can prove to you and others that you’re able to participate in a particular sport or hold a certain position at work.

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