When it comes to treating acute injuries, prompt treatment can greatly improve your chances of a successful recovery. Shortly after you sprain an ankle or break a bone, you should contact the caring team at Summit Health Family & Urgent Care in Sachse, Texas, for an evaluation and treatment. The team examines the injury and provides the immediate care you need to initiate better healing. Call the office or book your acute care visit online today.

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What is an acute injury?

An acute injury is an injury that happens suddenly and unexpectedly. You should seek treatment for acute injuries right away to get the best possible results from the treatments you receive.

Although an injury can happen under almost any circumstances, they’re especially common from:


Although physical activity is largely beneficial to your health, athletes run a higher-than-average risk of acute injuries than the general population. It’s important to stretch and warm up before you engage in any physical activities.

Auto accidents

Car accidents commonly result in acute injuries. An evaluation shortly after your accident is crucial as many acute injuries from car accidents don’t show symptoms right away.

What are some of the most common types of acute injury?

Many acute injury types can affect various parts of your musculoskeletal system. The team at Summit Health Family & Urgent Care examines the injury and may use additional testing, like X-ray imaging, for a closer look.

The team routinely treats common acute injuries, such as:

  • Minor broken bones
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Concussions
  • Lacerations
  • Bruises
  • Burns

Some of these injuries are skin-deep while others are deep within your bones or tissues and never break the skin. It’s common for multiple acute injuries to occur at the same time.

How are acute injuries treated?

The team at Summit Health Family & Urgent Care provides the necessary treatment to help your acute injury heal properly. They can also make referrals for physical therapy and rehabilitation if needed for a complete recovery.

Most acute injuries are easy to treat and heal well. For mild to moderate acute injuries that don’t require emergency care or operation, treatment involves strategies, including:

  • Rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE method)
  • Casting and bracing
  • Wound debridement and care
  • Stitches or sutures
  • Mobility devices (canes or crutches)
  • Over-the-counter pain medications

With these strategies, your injury has the opportunity to heal. Some of them help you manage the pain, stiffness, and other symptoms, too. The team may encourage you to schedule follow-up visits so they can check in on the healing process.

As soon as an acute injury happens, don’t wait to seek treatment. Call Summit Health Family & Urgent Care or book your appointment online today.